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Articles and Testimonial Copyright Information
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Articles and Customer Testimonials

The following are articles concerning the Paper Minis product line. Below that item you will see the section of customer testimonials.

For the McLoughlin Brothers

Click here  for information page

Read the on-line review of Paper Minis products by Lesley Shepherd,  the guide to dollhouse miniatures. Click here to read her review.

Learn about Paper Minis and the artisan Ann Vanture in the on-line CDHM magazine written by Lauretta Carroll. Click here to read the article.

Read a feature article about Paper Minis and Ann Vanture in the June 2012 American Miniaturist Magazine. Click here for this 3mg PDF file.

Paper Minis is the supporting cast to Rhea Avery in this featured article in American Miniaturist Magazine. Click here for this 2mg PDF file.

On-line review in Wendy Craig's Blog Dolls Houses and Minis in New Zealand. July 17, 2012 and July 22, 2012 entry.

Feature article in the Warren County Sentinel Newspaper week of  June 18, 2013. This is the local paper in my community in the Shenandoah Valley, Front Royal, Virginia.

Additions to the testimonials July 2018--Following 2 items

In case you thing Paper Minis may be too difficult to assemble, here is positive testimony from Anne Greene from California. It's always great to hear from an actual customer about this subject. Thank you Anne!

...Thank you so much for being so caring about your minis.  Everything always fits together so beautifully.  Some of the kits I got with the first set of Vintage Toys looked impossible to me.  I followed the directions carefully and everything went together so perfectly.  I was so pleased with myself when I looked at the completed projects...

The two things folks always want to know are: 1) are Paper Minis hard to make? 2) Is the quality really that good? Anne, above, answered the first question and Julie M. of Oregon answered the second below!

I received the minis today!   I'm so impressed with the clarity of the printing.  These are the highest quality mini printies I've ever seen.   I'm so glad I found you, which I found through Google first and then PINTEREST seemed to have you everywhere.   I cannot wait to assemble my minis and I'll be ordering again for sure!  Thank you, JJ

Customer Testimonials

For a little more than a year I randomly select a letter or two from customer(s) to print in the weekly newsletter. Here is the collection and these testimonials may help you decide to make an order of Paper Minis.

This was my 2nd order. I was very pleased of the high quality of my 1st. I've enjoyed being on your mailing list for years. Looking forward to open my new box. I know my mini ladies will be thrilled.
Most Sincerely, Mary P. of Belmont, California

Ann - I don't remember how I found out about you.  I have been following your website and have been getting your newsletter for a long time.  I have ordered many items from you and can't wait to see what your new items are.  I just love all of your paper minis!   Thank you for the pleasure you have given me in making your kits!

Lerryn M. of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hi Ann. I did a gingerbread house contest piece about 4 years ago, and I had posted some pictures from the cubby kits when you first had them as a subscription. Also, I have a complete set of one of your first book of the month subscriptions, when the bookcase was of white painted wood with the glass front. By the way, I LOVE that bookcase. I still have it out...I love all of your work. I know minis, like scrapbooking, are a true labor of love, as the reward is more of personal achievement, than of monetary gain. Keep going, because you are truly gifted at what you do.
Thanks ~ Jackie S.

I do not remember how I found out about Paper Minis but it was the greatest thing.
Dan Z. of Columbus, Ohio

Hi Ann,

Years ago I had ordered some pots for my flowers from Swallowhill miniatures in Ontario and Joy mentioned in one of her newsletters that she was getting book kits from you so I thought I would place an order to see what they were like.

I was so delighted with them that I've been ordering kits from you ever since!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful kits you keep producing!

Best wishes,

Margaret J. in Alberta, Canada 

I got my order already yesterday!!!! Wow fast. So you know I do not remember if a friend told me about you, or online group or if I was just searching for minis to print. I have been following for some time and love all your stuff. If I had more hours in a day and more money I would own everything. One step at a time.....
Sherelyn N. in Houston, Texas

Hi Ann,

I just wanted to let you know I received the package today!
Yay! LOL Wow, I am very impressed with the little dollhouses!! The quality of the printing is wonderful, and a huge thank you for all the
'Grab bag goodies'!! I can use every single one you sent! Now I am looking forward to enough time to start the dollhouse kits. Very soon!!

I also meant to tell you the other day how much I enjoy your Postcards from the River, and pics of Chunk!! I look forward to those
every week! I am also a 'cat Mom', I have 3 and they are my babies. Give that sweet Chunk a rub under the chin from me!! :)

Thank you again for your wonderful service! I will be back! Very sincerely yours,

Cheryl L
Hinsdale, New York

Dear Ann,

Thank you very much for sending a follow up email. I just received my first shipment and I am very pleased. I have never done paper minis and immediately tore into them. By ‘tore’ I mean...cutting them out and putting them together. Tedious and time-consuming, however fun! I was very proud to show off my accomplishments. The quality is exactly as you have stated and your honesty is greatly appreciated. Since I'm new to the mini world it is only my internet research that has brought me to your website searching DIY projects. I need to subscribe to your free tutorials so I can practice and be the best that I can. Again thank you for the follow up email and the helpful tutorials on your website.

Crystal V. from Magnolia, New Jersey
2nd note from Crystal:

...I was able to find all of the tutorials, which are in great detail and I believe to be very helpful. Along with the "Free paper mini club." Wow! I am impressed with your generosity. Not only are there 6 pages but they are just as adorable as the minis for sale. And they are free!  I appreciate your talents, enthusiasm, and your generosity. I am looking forward to a long happy relationship with Since I subscribed to the contemporary collection of the month subscription, you are stuck with me, I am not going anywhere! Lol

Hi Ann
I just wanted to say thanks for all the years of pleasure I've had with Paper Minis; I have been 'collecting' them for years now. I've all the 18" girl doll CDs as well as the wallpaper CD and upgrades, a bunch of the preprinted kits, a book series subscription and now the vintage toy collection and many, many complimentary projects in all 3 scales. Your newsletter is my favorite and I can't wait to see what is in each issue.

My vintage dollhouses have Paper Minis in every room, and I particularly love the ladies dresser sets and had a grand time making them up. Several friends and relatives have been 'gifted' with lifestyle/hobby shadow boxes with Paper Minis being the main feature, and they love them.

My grandmother always told me as a child that I could do more with a box of crayons, scissors and glue than anyone she ever knew. I'm sure she is smiling at me even now. I've been working on some of the vintage toy kits during our latest cold spell and they are all just amazing. Of course, the dollhouse and Red's little cottage are my favorites so far and I can't wait to get the new doll kit.

I love miniatures and doll houses and Paper Minis are what makes them all come to life. I wish you good health and much happiness in the coming year.

mini hugs,
Bonnie G .
Semmes, AL

Hello Ann,
Pinterest is how I discovered you. The mini pop up book had been assembled and posted by someone who had gotten the kit from you and they were so happy with the quality and included a link to your site.

Thank YOU so much for your most wonderful site & kit offerings. I am delighted and swooning at the things I didn't even know existed. I love constructing things, and things in mini scale. I couldn't wait for the book of the month club - had to get a few to get rolling on my mini library! There have been a few freebies I have printed out but the low DPI resolution made them fine for practice, but not the quality I want in my mini library.

There are so many others I have been poring over on your site, and I did sign up for the newsletter and have checked out the tutorials (excellent instructions) before ordering more. The ornament dioramas fascinate me! Might have to try one of them too.

Thank you again! Your site is a dream come true =D

Carole J. of Portland, Oregon, USA

The following letter written to me after my inquiry as to why she had two of the same subscription. I thought it was a mistake. I was wrong! :)

You are correct in that I did buy the McLoughlin collection in 2010. This new collection will be for my niece's daughter who is 10. She was enthralled with my minis when they were here in Oct and loves to read. I bought an extra one of your book cases houses a while back so the books will go in there. I love your work. I am really enjoying the vintage toys collection and the ornaments. Even my 43 year old son complimented you on the ornaments when they were home at Xmas. Mostly he just shakes his head like crazy mother. I love it. Have a great new year.

Pat M. in Wisconsin, USA

This month's is from Linda B. from Illinois who received her Paper Minis order this past week and I quote:
Hi Ann,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed putting together the Americana dollhouse. I just have to place the pieces in the house. Your directions are perfect and I love the color and quality of the pieces. I just ordered the set of Barbie dolls and dream house. What a great memory from my childhood. Keep up the great work!

This month's is from Christine M. from Laveen, Arizona who ordered recently and I quote:

"Hello Ann,
I loved the paper minis!  They really are the best quality out on the market.  I was needing to finish filling the kitchen of a Chicago loft project and was able to use a lot of them.  I really liked how you put in the tissue and the plastic for the box tops.  I really liked the English muffins and using the plastic wrap.

The thing I liked best, was how you put these together so no matter what, the finished product was as good if not better, than anything you could buy.  A lot of times, these type of things look poorly made.  Yours was top quality. 

I would definitely tell other 'mini' friends at my club and would order from you again. Thanks so much.  Have a great day.  I appreciate the email and glad I found you!"

"You just knock my socks off!  I have a subscription to your Vintage Toys.  I thought I'd like some of them but didn't expect to absolutely love each one.  I keep thinking you've just sent my favorite and then the next month's toys arrive and they are even more wonderful than any before.  Sometimes I see the preview pictures and think the toys look very simple.  Then the kit arrives and it always turns out to be a fun, interesting challenge to assemble.  (Is this the place where I mention that I'm 70 and have MS with the accompanying twitches?  And that I wear magnifying lenses over my glasses when working on small things? 

I don't know how you keep doing it but, what a treat! You are amazing.  (Yes, that word is being used to the point that it is rather meaningless but I mean it in the old-fashioned, vintage way.  Your talents truly are amazing.)

I'm so thrilled with this subscription.  It about kills me when I see the preview of what is coming and I don't have it yet.  ~Anne G. from California"

Hi Ann,
Of course you can use my testimonial if you think it is useful. And just to show how sincere those few words are, I have just sent you ANOTHER order. I just received my last order and love it all.

I started out as a porcelain doll maker. I always preferred making the smaller dolls. When I had made more than enough dolls, I started making accessories for them, bags, boxes, books, fans, toys, games. I particularly liked working with paper, so eventually in the process of finding all the bits and pieces I needed to make the accessories I got into cardmaking. A fellow dollmaker put me onto your website. I am now hooked on your miniatures. The quality of the items is superb, as are the bright colours and the wonderful clarity of all the images. And I love how creatively you use your minis in room boxes and ornaments. And best of all the expense in time and money finding all those bits and pieces to make one little item is gone. With your paper minis I am left with just the fun of making the item and the delight with the finished product. Your new vintage toy collection is scrumptious. I know I will be ordering again as your collections grow. I particularly like the Victorian and vintage items...

Yours sincerely,
Wanda S. in Queensland, Australia

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